Saturday, 20 June 2020

Free girly wallpapers.

hey angels! Welcome to My Pretty Fairytale, a fanciful place for all princesses who adore all things pink, pretty and princessy. In today’s blog post I’ve put together my own girly designs of wallpapers (free for personal use only) for you to dress up your phone/iPad/tablet with. Many of you love designer so I also designed and added in a few designer ones along with princessy quotes, motivational quotes and marble wallpaper. 


While my wallpapers are free for you to use, please keep my watermark on them if you decide

o re-share on your social media. Please DO NOT claim them as your own, steal or sell. And, if you do use my wallpapers don’t forget to screenshot, share onto your stories and tag me so I care share back! 

To save to your phone/IPad/Table simply hold down on the photos and save. If you’re using a computer, just right click the image(s) you wish to save. 


  1. Lovely, I had something like that in the magazine I
    was buying..

  2. I love these!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are lovely! I love pink and girly things too (-;

  4. I love these wallpapers. Thanks for sharing. 🤗